Arjuna® Organic Ginger Bites with Turmeric

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A soft, moreish texture. Medium-heat with a spicy-sweet ginger finish.

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Product Details

Arjuna® packs an entirely new “flavor exotic” that combines stone-ground Javanese ginger with coconut sugar, creating a slightly toasted, smoky flavor and unique texture. Arjuna® offers essences of old-fashioned licorice and molasses with a deliciously long and lingering spicy bite. This better-for-you treat will take your tastebuds on a new adventure.

By enjoying the peppery spice and fruity sweetness of the Arjuna® Ginger Bites, you are connecting directly to the farming community of East Java and supporting their sustainable agricultural traditions. We believe in the quality and provenance of the products we make, and we believe food should be enjoyed, even celebrated, for the simple pleasures it provides.

1% of revenue from each Arjuna® Ginger candy is returned to the farmers of Arjuna® Share.

Made in Indonesia

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Organic coconut sugar, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic glucose syrup, organic tapioca starch.

Nutritional information
Nutritional Informationper 12g (2 pieces)
Calories1475 kJ/ 352,5 kcal
Total Fat0,67g
Saturated Fat0,06g
Total Carbohydrate88,2g
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